Castello di Volpaia, Chianti


Family Stianti

Sipping History

Castello Di Volpaia is no ordinary winery unless you consider owning your own 11th-century village typical. The first document that mentions the cultivation of vines in Volpaia dates back to 1172. In 1250, Volpaia was a founding member of the Lega del Chianti (Chianti League).

Nicolò Mascheroni Stianti’s grandfather began purchasing the Volpaia lands in Tuscany in 1964 and it’s been farmed organically since then. “My grandfather was the one who started it. He was a hunter and thought being organic would attract more animals to the property.” Nicolò’s parents, Carlo, and Giovannella, received the estate as a wedding gift, and in the mid-'70s dedicated themselves to modernizing the winery. The Stianti family does what they must to maintain the character and charm of Volpaia the village, just as they do what they must to maintain the character and style of Volpaia’s wines. The style is dictated by the cool climate of the vineyards which are 250 to 450 meters above sea level. The fruit these cool, rocky vineyards yield is never among the richest or densest in Chianti though they are among the most perfumed. The owners of Volpaia try to preserve the freshness of the wines without imposing too much of a stylistic imprint. They truly do want the wines to speak of Volpaia.