Vito & Mila Perrini, Puglia


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Vito Perrini


Located in Castellaneta, the hometown of Rudolph Valentino, in the south of Puglia on the Gulf of Taranto, Perrini organic Vine & Wine is a 50 hectare farm, 45 of which are under vine, devoted to producing elegant, organic wines. Long before the natural wine and food movement, Mila and Vito Francesco Perrini introduced organic growing methods in 1993, before the winery began bottling wine on their own in 2002. Perrini is now certified organic. The techniques are simple, natural and respectful of the environment. For generations, the Perrinis were contadini de sempre, harvesting whatever they could for subsistence from the land and selling what remained. Various relatives owned disparate plots located on hillsides and seaside terrains. Grapes were harvested and brought to the winery for fermentation, where locals and visitors would come fill their demijohns and be on their way. The Perrinis sold out every year. In 1993 Mila and Vito began purchasing these disparate plots from their relatives, creating what is now a complete estate. The bulk of the vines consist of Primitivo and Negroamaro, which are harvested at perfect maturity, picked by hand, placed in small cases and fermented in large stainless steel tanks. The production is 55-65/hl/ha. The actual winemaking process is based on ancient techniques, supported by advanced, modern technology that allows a consistently high-quality standard of wine production.