Tzivani Family Estate, Evia Central


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Tzivani Family


 With love and respect for the tradition and good wine, the Tzivani Family has been cultivating since 1982 the most selective grapes in the biological Vineyards in Ritsona, Evia in Central Greece. This region is well known since more than 200 years for its microclimate and is ideal for the production of exquisite wines from indigenous Greek grape varieties such as the red Agiorgitiko and the white Malagouzia. The traditional and Biological methods of cultivation and vintage, in combination with the outmost modern equipment lead the the result of a pure wine with individual character. In the winery which is of traditional design, there is also a wonderful  ‘Wine and Folklore Art Museum’ which is worth visiting. The visitor will have the experience to see a frare collection of traditional objects from Greece and from all over the world which are releted to the cultivation of wine, its vinification and production as well as traditional folklore art.