Podere 414 di Simone Castelli, Tuscany


Simone Castelli

A Very Sexy Wine

Podere 414 is a model of making quite a traditional wine to an exciting contemporary standard. While the name may be prosaic referring to the plot of land, the wine is anything but. The estate achieves something that many bigger or more established wines cannot – a complex, drinkable, affordable wine which will stand up in any company.

Simone and Mara Castelli have been in charge here for just ten years, with a vision to farm on land that was completely untamed a couple of generations ago. His father is well established in the area and has a nursery of local vine varieties. It has been a successful decade judging both by the new winery and the fact that the wine was selected by Sebastian Payne, the Wine Society’s chief buyer, for sale in England. This is a remarkable achievement given the scale of the competition and the size of the vineyard, which is just under 10 hectares, all organically farmed, with just one wine on offer - a Morellino di Scansano. He had achieved that. His single wine is certified organic and is a fabulous wine of consistent charm and quality. The only thing that changes every year is the color of the label.