Salomon Estate, South Australia


Dr. Bertold Salomon

Austr(al)ian Flavors

After Bert Salomon’s estate in Austria made its name for white wine, he later looked for other suitable sites for fruit-driven reds with a value that matches the quality. He finally selected Finniss River near Adelaide hills, part of Fleurieu Peninsula to settle down. The area of the wine estate, located 120 meters above sea level has a soil composition of sand, gravel and clay that provides excellent drainage while retaining sufficient water. The environments within Finniss River area is also balanced between heat during the day cool evening breezes of the southern ocean that also helps increasing the aromatic development and richness in flavours of the grapes. His Norwood Shiraz Cabernet is smooth, fruity, and food friendly. Bert’s Austrian wines are very well known to Australian Riesling fans and his South Australian reds are mostly traveled to Europe. His wines link the crafty wine making traditions and approach of Europe with the new world winemaking styles of Australia. These wines can be enjoyed young, or cellared mid-term with confidence.