Nicolas Joly, Loire


Nicolas Joly

The King of Biodynamic Wines

In the world of wines, Nicolas Joly is the king of biodynamic wines. He is convincing in his wealth of knowledge and his commitment to biodynamic viticulture, which is put into practice in each phase of the farming and the winemaking. The estate itself is just as impressive. It is a château full of history, high above, with a view of the Loire Valley. It is surrounded by a park which is not too well-tended, by some ancient agricultural outbuildings, a long avenue at the crest of the steep slopes, which separates them from the somewhat flatter vineyard areas under. According to Joly, several English soldiers have had their final resting-place for the past two centuries. In this idyllic spot, everything fits together. Nothing is artificial or just for show; even the wine cellar which contains only the basic equipment fits in perfectly with the explanations given by Joly. It is in the vineyard that the foundations for the high-quality wine are laid, and not in the cellar.

His vineyards has been biodynamic since 1984 with carefully implemented methods such as compost on the vines using specific cows that were raised an old-fashioned way and accompanied by bulls, natural cover crop where native plants were able to grow up around the vines because of zero use of chemicals. You can learn more about the philosophy behind biodynamic winemaking in Nicolas Joly’s book "Wine from Sky to Earth." Virginie Joly, Nicolas’ daughter, has grown into a very charming young woman who is learning how to make wine and will one day take over the business from her father.